Chakra Range – Essential Oil Blends


The oils are designed to be used in oil diffusers to fragrance the room or follow the instructions on the bottle and add a few drops to create an aromatic bath or blend into a carrier oil for application to the skin.

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Chakra Range – Essential Oil Blends

Chakra Range – Essential Oil Blends Size: 5 – 10ml (as specified)

Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils

These oils are designed to be used in an Aromatherapy oil diffuser to fragrance your home. They can be blended into a carrier oil for application to skin, as well as being used to create an aromatic bath, by following the instructions on the bottle.

Clearing & Cleansing

The perfect blend for that clean and crisp feel. Blended with Sage and Spearmint, this is a really lovely clean and fresh blend.


The heady aroma of Patchouli, Frankincense, Neroli and Sweet Orange, is not only nurturing but leaves you feeling fresh and ready to go.

3rd Eye

A beautiful blend of Lavender Sage, Sage and Frankincense, leaves you feeling clear headed and relaxed – ideal for when you need to slow down.


This clean blend of Lemongrass, Thyme and Star Anise has an aroma of childhood cough sweets. Furthermore these anti bacterial oils will help keep the germs as bay!


An exquisite blend of  Rose, May Chang and Geranium Bourbon, create this wonderful blend that is like a hug in a bottle!

Solar Plexus

Rosewood, Grapefuit and Bergamot are blended to create a cheerful blend that is fruity and sweet.  Always puts a smile on my face.


Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Ginger and Orange have been selected for their affinity with the digestive system. Consequently making this an excellent option when travelling.


Ginger, Rosewood, Vetivert and Valerian and been selected for there earthy aroma, as a result that encourages deep relaxation.

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Essential Oil Blends

Clearing & Cleansing – 10ml, Crown – 5ml, 3rd Eye – 10ml, Throat – 10ml, Heart – 5ml, Solar Plexus – 10ml, Sacral – 10ml, Root – 10ml


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