Behind the scene’s I am blessed to have the support of Family & Friends.  Special “Thank You’s” must go to the following people, so let’s Meet The Team:

Meet the Team:

Mr B

My husband, soul mate, partner and friend! Without Terry I most certainly would not be where I am today, his love and support makes everything worthwhile.  Plus! He’s very handy, as anyone who visits the clinic will have seen, DIY/Plumbing/Maintenance are all within his remit, not forgetting Bottling/Packaging and Distribution!!!  It’s not easy and he will tell you I change my mind quickly and there’s always something being added to his “to do” list!!


My BFF who supports all that I do, she is the first to suggest new treatments along with, assisting choreography creation and of course modeling to ensure they are correct!!!! No course could run smoothly without her beavering away in the background, be it fetching products, washing up or making tea – she never stops!  Even been known to pop on a piney and a hat to assist with production, thank you my Friend x


My BF from school – yes we really were that young once!!! Your time, dedication and attention detail makes proof reading, jar/bottle choices so much more balance/objective, which sometimes I miss as “but they’re so pretty”!!!! You think about the consumer and what they would think, that coupled with your Financial Skills that challenge me to make sensible decision based on the budgets and costings not how nice they look, for this I’m also sure my accountant is happy to. Thank you x

Sally Snail

My mentor and friend, I am blessed to have your support, be it creating over a cuppa, challenging me to step outside my comfort zone, the little foot up the behind to make me get a job done, tasking to create the amazing range we have  and not forgetting the amazing treatments that I enjoy to put me back together so I can do my job effectively.  I cannot thank you enough, but I can share your skills – so for those that would like to experience Sally’s amazing style of treatment/workshops head over to her page – here Namaste my friend x

Meet the Team: Our wonderful models

Your support is so gratefully appreciated, without you training days would not be the same, to give your bodies over to students is an amazing experience for them, the importance of working on different people is more valuable than anything we can teach. You know who you are!

Lisa & Phil

Who work tirelessly to ensure the building is ready for all the visitors to come and either relax/enjoy or train.

So that’s the Team behind Wren Holistics, the physical part! But, I’d like to also mention the “virtual” team, these guys are brilliant – I’ve included their websites so that if you need any of these skills you can find them!

Meet the Team: Behind the Scenes


Wow what can I say, your patience is amazing, without you I most certainly wouldn’t have the amazing website and shop that I have, your skills are beyond brilliant.


Who’s design skills and critical eye have improved my branding or rather made me understand the importance of branding.


Your patience with the many label changes (blame Vicky for teaching me ai!!!) I think I am now finally there.

This is just a handful of the team that support Wren Holistics, I could spend hours listing everyone! Thank you all x

I hope this gives you an idea of who we are, I am proud to have such wonderful support and because of it I can give 100% to each and everyone that visits Wren Holistics.

I look forward to helping you in the future.

With thanks

Jeni Wren x