Aromatherapy – What and Why

Welcome to the month of May and our blog – Aromatherapy – What and Why. The clocks have gone back, we’re experiencing lighter and longer days and many things have changed again.

This month I want to focus on Aromatherapy. To dispel some myths, explain some history and why we should tap into the power of Essential Oils. What to expect from a treatment and how to make the most of Essential Oils/Aromatherapy at home, I’ll also touch on what to look for when purchasing Essential Oils and products as well as the Throat Chakra and Lemongrass – we’ve certainly got a packed month for you.

So….. let’s dive in  What is Aromatherapy?? Many people associate aromatherapy as nice smells, gently massage and twinkly music. Let me tell you, that’s a very small part of aromatherapy there’s so much more to it.

Yes, nice smells, gently massage and twinkly music are generally found in the spa environments and are certainly beneficial to everyone, I most definitely enjoy this type of treatment. I use aromatherapy with every client that I see, yes every client – even my sports massage clients have aromatherapy. This comes in the form of my pre-blended massage oils, I will select an oil depending on what my client is telling me during consultation. The benefits of adding essential oils to massage are amazing.

Aromatherapy – What and Why

So what’s the difference I hear you cry! An aromatherapy treatment will include a bespoke massage blend, which is made at the time of treatment, with essential oils chosen for that treatment, it may also include a home treatment which could be a lotion/cream/shower gel/inhaler again all depends on what’s needed.

A bit of history then! Rene-Maurice Gattefosse recognised the power of the plant when he burnt himself, whilst studying plants, he plunged his arm into a vat of lavender oil and it is said that this is how aromatherapy was born!

Aromatherapy has been recorded since early Ancient Egypt where priests embalmed, successfully, cats and kings with their extraordinary use of resins and spices, they forecast that the preserved bodies would last for thousands of years and they did as the powerful aromas were released when tombs were opened. Also, in the late 17th Century in Europe, mummies were sold to doctors who actually distilled them to extract the essences that were preserved within the bodies. Herbs & Spices were also seen during the plague when doctors would pack them into cone shaped masks when visiting their patients to protect them!

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