Cleansing and Clearing

Cleansing and Clearing – Happy New Year!

Cleansing and ClearingWelcome to the first blog of 2021, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, however you chose to spend it.  I know it’s been a difficult 12 months, with restrictions, uncertainty, furlough, job losses the list is endless!!!

But…… we’ve made it to January 2021 and for many this time of year brings New Year Resolutions mostly about health and nutrition, reflection plays a big part at this time of year, what we enjoyed, what we want to change etc.

My focus for you this month is Cleansing & Clearing, not the practical declutter, but the energy declutter, that sad heavy feeling we may experience when we’ve been around others, the feeling of exhaustion, not being able to sleep and just general sluggishness.

I’m hoping to be able to give you some practical hints and tips on the best ways to protect your energy together with an energetic cleanse for your space, be that home, office, car, hobby room or just everything.

What will we need:

Cleansing and ClearingThere are several methods used for energy cleansing, these include crystals, salt, sound, water, air and my favourite fire 🙂  Think spring cleaning your space as well as your furniture and belongings.

I’ll take each method individually, but if you’d like to pop over to my YouTube channel I’ve done a video for those of you like me who are visual learners!

First job is to have a good tidy up, put everything back where it belongs, dust the shelves, put away any trinkets that no longer bring you joy, give your cushions a good plump, move the furniture and give it a good clean underneath and behind.  This itself starts to move stagnant energy from the corners of your rooms.  Yes you guessed it I am that person that puts all my ornaments and pictures away to put my Xmas Tree up so that it doesn’t feel empty when the tree comes down 

Once you’ve done your domestic goddess bit now we can start to really cleanse the space.

I like fire it’s my chosen joy 🙂 You can use incense on a charcoal disc, sage, incense cones/sticks or simply a candle.  Light your chosen tool and wait for it to smoke nicely (remember to remove your smoke alarm batteries – ask me how I know).  Set your intention, simply sit for a moment and think about how you’d like your space to feel, then allow the smoke to fill your space, pay particular attention to the corners, as I’ve said energy collects where it cannot move freely.  I like to open a window and allow the air element to join the fire/smoke and for me it feels like the old energy has an exit point as well.


Sound – I throw everything at my cleanse. I’m lucky to have a drum & singing bowl so use both of them, but if you don’t clapping does the job nicely. Make sure to pay attention to the corners 🙂


These can be placed in the corners of your rooms as an energy barrier. But remember they will also need cleansing on a regular basis – see my post about Crystal Cleansing.


Water – I generally use an Aura Spray for this, it’s a great way to clear a space when you cannot use other tools. I always have one in my suitcase/bag and just mist round especially holiday homes/hotels.  Work places can have such mixed energy and sitting for a moment and spritzing above you, allow the particles to fall onto you is a great way to cleanse you and protect you from other negative energies.


Salt – I don’t use this very often. However, saying that there is salt in my Cleansing & Clearing Spray, and I often sit my charcoal disc on a little bed of salt!!!!  I do like to bath my crystals in salt when I’m giving them a good clean before they sit in a new moon.

I hope this has given you some food for thought on energy clearing and I’m sure I shall write more about this as the year goes by.

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See you next week. In the meantime if you would like anymore information please feel free to Contact Me.

Jeni Wren x

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