Cleansing & Clearing – Fire – Part 2

Cleansing & Clearing - FireWelcome to this weeks blog – Cleansing & Clearing – Fire – Part 2.

How to Cleanse with Fire

Fire is my favourite of all the cleansing methods!  I use either an incense sticks, sage or charcoal discs with incense. So….. how do we use them?

Incense sticks: These are the easiest to use, you light it and blow it out – it will then begin to smoke.  Simply move around your space and allow the smoke to fill the space. Pay attention to the corners of your room.  You can use incense sticks on a daily basis by popping them into a smoke box.

Sage – Cleansing & Clearing – Fire

Sage: Generally purchased as smudge sticks, light the sage and allow it to fully ignite then gently blow it out and it will start to smoke, keep a bowl or shell under it as it can fall as it burns.  Then as with sticks allow the smoke to fill the room.  Some Sage bundles can smoke really well so once you’ve cleansed your space leave the bundle on its shell/bowl and allow it to burn itself out.  It won’t all burn down and you will be able to use it again.

Charcoal Discs – Cleansing & Clearing – Fire

Charcoal Discs: Think BBQ coal, light the disc and allow it to warm up and go white, then you can add your choice of incense and allow it to smoke.  Normally these are used with a ceramic holder as they do get very hot – I have managed to shatter an ashtray!!!! Incense/Resin can be purchased, my personal favourite it Star Child Incenses at Glastonbury, they have an amazing range (no I’m not on commission).

Important things to remember when using fire/smoke – how sensitive are your smoke detectors?? I have to take the batteries out of mine, just remember to replace it when you’re done.  Always keep a damp cloth close, sometimes the discs can spit little fragments of charcoal – always best to be safe.

Happy Cleansing, for more information please feel free to Contact Me.

Jeni Wren x

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