Cleansing & Clearing – Sound – Part 4

Cleansing & Clearing - SoundWelcome to this weeks blog – Cleansing & Clearing – Sound – Part 4.

Cleansing using sound can be as simple as Clapping or Singing through to using tools such as Tin Cha’s, Singing Bowls or Healing Drums.

Clapping & Singing – a simple way to cleanse your space, clapping raises your vibrational energy, and this will then raise the energy around you.  Clap in your space, paying attention to the corners and behind the door.  Listen to sound your clapping creates, as energy shifts the sound will start to change.

Singing one of the easiest ways to bring joy to your space.  Find a song you enjoy or just simple sing the words that come to mind. Combine this with your clapping and you’ve got a fantastic energy shift happening.

Cleansing & Clearing – Sound

Tin Cha’s & Singing Bowls – Tin Cha’s are small bell’s that you clang together and they chime. Again their sound will change as the energy changes.  Use them in the same way as you would clapping, into the corners behind the doors.

Singing Bowls can be made of metal or glass, they vary in price and are generally made to resonate at a particular frequency, so it’s worth checking before you purchase.  Always listen to your bowl before you buy it, as they each have their own unique sound and it it doesn’t resonate with you, you won’t use it! You can either clang or circle (think wet finger on a glass rim) the top of your bowl.  Once you start you can wait for the sound to soften before repeating or make it continuous. Listen to the sound around you as it changes your know your energy is moving.

Healing Drum – I was blessed to purchase my drum a couple of years ago, it has a strong energy, due to being made of Oak & Stag, two very powerful energies.  As with the other methods of sound, you can simply just keep banging it (I’m sure I was that child that enjoyed an empty tub and a spoon), you will find your own rhythm and you’ll soon feel the energy change.  Don’t forget the corners and behind the door.

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Happy Cleansing

Jeni Wren x

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