Clinic Update

Clinic UpdateWelcome to October, I can’t believe how fast this year is going!! As things start to open up and some sense of normality returns, it’s been lovely over the past few weeks to see more of my regular clients visiting the clinic. As well as being able to pop out and have coffee with friends and colleagues.

I’m still enjoying some of the virtual groups that were started over lockdown and I have to say it’s fantastic to see people that I wouldn’t normally “meet in person”. Friendships have certainly been strengthened over the last 18 months, as well as new ones forged.

Clinic Update

So…… the Clinic then! As some of you are aware the landlord has decided to sell Albion Street, and as a business I fully understand why. However, that means I’m now moving. I’ve been here for just over 5yrs, that’s flown by, and it always felt like being at home. It will be sad to say goodbye, but the future is really exciting and I’m pleased to announce that I shall be moving back to home!!! I’m having a garden room built at the end of this month and shall be ready to welcome clients from 6th December. Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of information about when and where. In fact I shall bore you all with endless Social Media photos of the build  My last working day at Anstey will be 24th November. So please get your appointments scheduled as the diary is starting to fill! I’ve opened some extra days in November to ensure I can treat everyone who needs me before I move.

The new space is at Groby, so not too far from where I am. There’s plenty of parking on the Drive and the new Room will be super cozy, I’m excited for underfloor heating – it’s the little things!!!!

Thank you all for your continued support, by way of bookings, purchasing products/vouchers, liking/subscribing and following my Social Media, I cannot tell you how lucky I am. THANK YOU xxxx

If you would like more information please Get in Touch. Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Clinic Update.

Until next time
Jeni Wren x

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