Following the temporary closure of the clinic due to Covid-19, we are pleased to announce that we will re-open on 12th April 2021, treatment times will be restricted to a maximum of 60 minutes until further guidance is released.

There will be some changes to how we work these include:

Clients requirements:

Arrive on time wearing a face covering (one will be available if you do not have one)

Wait Outside

Sanitize your hands on entry to the building (provided inside the lobby)

Please come on your own (anyone with you will  not be allowed on the premises)

Bring only essential items (please do not bring shopping bags/kit bags/handbags into the clinic)

Pre-Treatment consent form must be returned prior to treatment (this will be text to you)

Bring your own bottle of water for after your treatment

A plastic storage box will be provided for all your personal items to go into

Therapist’s Will:

Wear a face covering during your entire visit;

A Visor will be worn during your treatment;

Wash & Sanitizer hands pre & post treatment;

Allow a 30minute gap between every client to ensure full Cleaning and Sanitizing protocol is carried out in all areas that clients have used this will include, but not be limited to:

All couches and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized between clients

All linen will be removed and treated as clinic waste prior to laundry

Full ventilation during this gap will happen

Clean linen will be used for each client and treated as clinical waste until laundered;

Laundry will be done at a 90 degree boil wash, with appropriate detergent;

Cleaning solutions used meet the requirement of Environmental Health at Charnwood Borough Council – in line with the License held for Acupuncture;

Will not eat or drink in any area used by clients;

Ensure that a 2-metre distance is observed by therapist & clients where possible

Client Safety is priority and should Wren Holistics be notified of a client with symptoms, you will be required to self-isolate for 7days.

Payment is appreciated at the time of booking or via an Invoice, cash will need to be in an envelope to allow handling only once a day.

Consultation forms

Consultation forms will be sent electronically and must be returned within 24hrs of booking.  Pre-Treatment questions must be completed 24hrs before your appointment – if these aren’t completed & returned it will be assumed you no longer need your appointment and it will be cancelled – see cancellation policy. Post-Treatment questions must be completed & returned to allow future appointments to be confirmed.

We ask that if you experience any symptoms to please follow government guidance, as well as rearranging your appointment.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we move into a new way of working.