Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy
Cupping therapy has been widely used around the world. In China the earliest records date back to 3000 years ago and in Egypt to 1550BC. Historically termed “Horn therapy” or “Bamboo therapy” due to the use of cow horns or sections of bamboo.

Originally used just to remove blood and poison from the body, clinical experience over the years has advanced its application to many areas.

Galen & Hippocrates being early western advocates to the tremendous benefits, along with Samuel Bayfield who wrote “Cupping is an art” in 1823 and surgeon Charles Kennedy talked of its well-known benefits in 1826.

Cupping Therapy

Hippocrates noted in Greece the use of large glass jars to reduce the dislocation of vertebrae along with many other symptoms.

Early cups were made from hollowed out horns, where the therapist would suck out the poison, blood and fluid from the body, after making incisions on the body with a knife.

The evolution of new materials available to make the cups from has meant that we have moved on from using animal horns or bamboo tubes to metal, ceramic and now plastic, rubber and glass. Plastic cups usually rely on manual suction via a pump to create the necessary vacuum that in turn draws the tissue up when applied to the body.

Glass Cups

Glass cups are used widely for cupping and this technique is often employed within traditional Chinese medicine and accompanies acupuncture and moxa treatments.

Cupping is one of my favourite treatments both to receive and to give, it has many benefits especially to the muscular skeletal system as well as being great for colds, asthma, cellulite, fibromyalgia and many other conditions that it can support.

I use glass cups and flame, the flame removes oxygen from in the cup, creating the suction – the muscle is then lifted and the structures underneath have space to move, giving a deeper sense of relaxation as well as decreasing tension.

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