DIY Perfume Tutorial

DIY Perfume TutorialAs we head into the winter months, we often find that our choice of perfume changes.  We look to the intensely warming and nurturing smells that make us feel warm and cosy! This DIY Perfume Tutorial will help you do that

Descriptive words like intoxicating, confident and provocative are all used in the glossy magazines to entice you into spending a small fortune as we head into one of the busiest times of the year for the Perfume market!

Chanel’s Coco Noir, which contains Frankincense and Sandalwood together with a substantial concoction of ingredients, is available for the princely sum of around £75 for 50ml – thank goodness for Duty Free holidays!!!

Designing your own perfume is a fabulously creative way to use your essential oils and fragrances, unlocking your creativity and there is nothing nicer than the phrase “thank you I made it myself”

DIY Perfume Tutorial

What you’ll need:

30ml Glass Bottle with closure (atomizer spray is brilliant)
24ml of good quality Vodka
6ml (150 drops) of your chosen Selection of Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils


Blend your chosen oils in the bottle then top up with the vodka, give them a good shake and away you go!


Here’s one of my favourite home blends:

Inspired by Dior Poison, this is my heady warm blend with a sweet yet spicy after smell!

Essential oils:

50 drops Coriander
30 drops Sweet Orange

Fragrance oils:

10 drops Orange Blossom
30 drops Tuberose
30 drops Berry Fruits


If you’d like to know more about making perfumes, we offer a 2.5hr workshop to help you get creative, our next one is scheduled for 5th November 2016.


Happy Creating

Jeni x

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