Flip Flop Feet – 5 Top Tips!

This blog is about getting your flip flop feet ready. Brighter mornings and lighter evenings are just around the corner. Therefore, with the better weather bring the flip flops, I’ve dusted mine off ready to go. I’m that person that once they’re out nothing else will be warn!!!

My Top 5 Tips to Flip Flop Feet!

  1. Foot Soak

    Yes preparing those feet is an important task and the best way to start is a foot soak. What do you mean you haven’t got time! Grab a bowl fill it with warm water add your favourite body wash. Mine would be the Solar Plexus Hand & Body wash, plonk the bowl on a towel on the floor. Then grab your remote and catch up on your favourite half an hours TV. I love a bit of Criminal Minds, and what a great way to enjoy it!

  2. Foot File

    Once the feet have been soaked everything softens up, meaning that’s the perfect time to deal with the hard skin and nails. A good foot file will do the trick on those hard skin areas. But be gently you don’t want to make them bleed!!!!! Gently work with a full stroke of the file and watch that skin melt away. Trimming the toenails is easier when they’re softer. But don’t forget not too short and not rounded, finish with a quick file.

  3. Massage

    Oh my I love a foot massage, I do indulge in Reflexology or AromaReflex my favourite way to be pampered – anyway enough dreaming! A simple coconut butter or balm will do the trick, gently massage the feet in a way that feels good for you (if you’re lucky the other half may even do it for you).

  4. Polish

    Choose the brightest, loudest colour you can, toes are meant to be seen. I love a good pink or coral over the summer! I do like to match if I’m off to a wedding or special occasion. Just remember Base Coat, 2 Coats of Colour and a Top Coat. Why? Because the base coat protects the nail from discolouration from the polish, two coats of colour will ensure you have good even coverage and pigment and the Top coat is your armour to stop the chips!

  5. Cutilce Oil

    A drop on each nail will not only help to dry them but will also keep your cuticles soft and nourished. Furthermore, this should be done daily and preferably before bed so the body can repair as required.

To ensure your feet stay looking good I would always recommend moisture cream and cotton socks before bed, especially if you have a special event to go to. There’s nothing like the site of cracked heals to put you off your afternoon tea!

If you’re looking for a Pedicure or Reflexology then book now or contact me via email, the website or phone.

Thanks for Reading – see you next time

Jeni Wren
07984 311 894

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