Garnet – Crystal

GarnetGarnet is a powerful grounding crystal that will help us to connect with the present and keep our feet on the ground. It’s really useful crystal to work with when you have a busy life, working 5 steps in front or when you have to face a problem. If you lack energy then Garnet is great an unblocking and keeping the body in balance.

Garnet is deep rooted in ancient history and comes from the Latin “granatum” which means pomegranate!!!! It is a deep red colour and looks just like the fruit when it shines. Personally I use the rough cut ones in clinic which are dark brown almost encased crystals, but these have amazing grounding energy.

The gem stones have been used for centuries in absolutely all kinds of jewellery such as rings, brooches, necklaces and buckles! Although used as a fashion statement they will have given protection against negative energy.

Garnet – Crystal

Garnets are deep red and have a special link with the heart chakra, and an intense affinity with other heart chakra stones, such as Rose Quarts and Jade.

As I’ve already mentioned it is great for grounding, by placing a piece between the feet, either when sitting or laying will have an amazing grounding affect and if you feel the need for more then place it at the root chakra.

Incorporating Garnet when you meditate will encourage you to breathe in positivity and let go of negativity that is weighing you down, sit whilst meditating and use the weight of the stone to release your hectic mind, let go of any fears and worries and let yourself be guided by the beautiful red colour the Garnet gives you.

Looking at TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Garnet crystal are said to support the flow of Chi, boost the detoxing of negative emotion within the body and bring warmth to the body system, helping improve circulation and warming the heart.

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