Home Spa Essentials

Home Spa Essentials! Continuing our theme of “Feet”, this week I’m going to take you through your very own home spa! This can take you as long or as short as you like, personally I’d allow 30 mins of complete indulgence and escape from the rest of the household 

Firstly, you’ll need some supplies:

Bowl to Soak your feet
Something nice to make bubbles
Dead Sea Salt/Epsom Salt (some to go in and some to make a scrub)
Pumice stone/foot file
Nail File/Clippers – unless you have them done professionally then do not touch!!!!
Cotton Socks (optional)

This list can be as long as you’d like it, think indulgence and relaxation – nice G&T or a cuppa, something to read or an audio book, gently background music, you may have something in your TV planner to catch up with, whatever you do to just unwind.

Firstly, fill your bowl with warm soapy water – not too hot – you don’t want your feet bright red and blistered!!!

Home Spa Essentials

Now add your salt and stir then pop your feet in and soak for 5 mins. Whilst they are soaking take the rest of your salt and mix with some of your moisture cream/balm not too much and make a scrub mixture. Scrub each foot thoroughly to remove and dead skin, then in the stubborn areas you can use the foot file/pumice stone, but remember not to scrub too hard, this skin is protecting a reflex point and will return! Pop your feet back in the bowl, leave for another couple of minutes then remove and pat dry.

Now to tend to those nails – unless your therapist has done this, then my advice is leave them alone  Always trim toenails straight and gently buff off any rough edges.

You can now apply your moisture cream/balm for an added benefit, apply thickly then pop your socks on, this will provide extra softness to any of those hard skin areas.

If you are painting your nails always apply a base coat before colour and a top coat!

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Jeni Wren x

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