How to use Aromatherapy at Home

Welcome to this months blog – How to use Aromatherapy at Home. So we touched on aromatherapy in a clinic/spa environment, but let’s focus on how to make the most of aromatherapy at home.

The olfactory system is how the brain recognises smells, it can recall memories associated to those smells, both happy and sad.

I want to mention fragrance oils as many people get them mixed up with Essential Oils, they are 100% manmade and every bottle will smell identical, where essential oils will vary from batch to batch and shouldn’t smell identical. Also when purchasing consider the price. Essential oils should always be purchased from a reputable supplier, that can provide you with information about the oil, the batch, where it’s grown and a key indicator is that the Oil should have the Latin name on it e.g. Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens). Remember if it’s too cheap it’s probably a blend/cut oil (multiple varieties).

Ways to introduce Aromatherapy in the home


Many people burn candles and they are a great way of incorporating aromatherapy into the home, however, please be mindful that some candles don’t contain aromatherapy oils, they contain a fragrance oil.

Burners & Diffusers

This is a lovely way to use your oils. There are several types on the market, a ceramic burners that you put a candle under, an electric diffuser that you fill with water which then puffs steam, an electric diffuser that you place your essential oils on a “pad” and it blows air through it and my favourite an electric stone that you can either use with or without water. They each have their benefits, but it is really down to personal preference. I have one of each as I like the stone in the bedroom, the candle downstairs where I can keep an eye on, the air stream in the kitchen and the water diffuser with the colour changing lights in the clinic – mmm maybe I’ve got too many!!!!

However, you don’t need expensive burners and diffusers all you need is a tissue and a radiator, pop a couple of drops of your chosen oil/blend onto the tissue, pop it over the radiator and the warmth will do the rest.

Sleep and diffusing

I like the aromastone as it doesn’t “burn” it gently heats the water & oil, however, if I’m travelling I will use a tissue inside the pillow case on the bed, this is an excellent way to use oils to help sleep, without taking too much with you!


An amazingly simple way of using aromatherapy and something that can be created with 3 ingredients and a spray bottle. Don’t make up too much at a time, smaller quantities are better. Simply mix your ingredients into a bottle shake and spray (not onto surfaces).

Sleep Spray

100ml Water
10ml Vodka
3ml (60drops) of your chosen essential oil blend OR
20 drops Vetivert
20 drops Lavender
20 drops Patchouli
Into a spray bottle add the vodka and essential oils, shake well then top up with water or hydrolat (floral waters – that’s a blog for another day)

Room Spray

As above OR
20 drops Lemon
20 drops May Chang
20 drops Geranium


Essential Oils are popular for use in the bath. Safety first – don’t just pour them into the water as oil and water don’t mix and they will sit on the top of the water and may cause irritation when you get in. The best way to use them is either mix them into a cup of Dead Sea Salt or un-fragranced bath/shower gel.

De-Stress bath

30ml of base or 1 cup of Salt
10 drops Geranium
5 drops Patchouli
5 drops Pimento Berry
Mix together and pour under running water

I hope you find this of use, for more information check out the next dates for our Make & Take Product workshops

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