What is Selenite? AND how it can help YOUR in YOU to clear & cleanse your energy

Selenite is a beautiful rustic looking crystal, but can also be found as polished pieces. It is soft white in its appearance, but don’t be deceived by its looks this is a very powerful stone.

It has an extremely high vibrations and is excellent for lifting your spirits. As well as guiding you to an elevated state when used in meditation.

Personally I enjoy Selenite for its purification, cleansing and clearing properties. Together with the uplifting energy it brings to everyone and everything.

Selenite is a powerful and effective crystal to use when cleansing and charging your crystals. Having one piece dedicated for this purpose can most helpful. If you have a Selenite wand and sit it beside your other crystals you will find the energy of the other crystals will be re-charged, they will feel re-energised.

Selenite Energy Clearing

As well as energy clearing it has powerful healing properties and supports energy practices such as yoga, meditation and reiki. Therefore, using it in your practice to bring balance to your body, this can be as simple as placing at the end of your mat, to laying the stone on your chest whilst you do your breathing work.
Selenite, according to Greek Mythology was associated with the Goddess of the Moon, Selene and it is thought that this is how it got its name.

It can be found in many places around the world but most commonly Mexico, Morocco and the United States.

Selenite connect well with the Crown Chakra, which is all about higher self, and it will allow you to raise your vibrational energy and align you with your highest self. It is also seen as a protective stone to shield you from darker energies.

When using Selenite to clear & cleanse your energy, you can use it alongside our Cleansing & Clearing Essential Oil Blend/Aura Spray, simply spritz above your head and allow your aura to be bathed in the scent, then sweep away your energy with your Selenite, like brushing crumbs off you. You should now feel brighter, lighter and clearer.

I would recommend the Cleansing & Clearing affirmation “I am cleansed”.

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