Self-Use of Acupressure Points

Self-Use of Acupressure PointsWelcome to this weeks blog – Self-Use of Acupressure Points. Acupressure points have been used for many years. People use them to support their health and well-being and I want to share some of this knowledge with you.

Acupressure can also be instinctive. As with many complementary therapies we do things to support our bodies without thinking. When have you curled up or added a hot water bottle to your tummy or back? held your head in your hands when you’ve had a headache? Or even applied pressure just under the eye to ease sinus congestion/hay fever?

The power of touch should never be dismissed, it is our natural instinct as we know our bodies best and can put our hands on exactly the right spot.

Your acupressure points are easy to find as you will experience an instant “tada” moment when you hit the right spot

Things to avoid – pressing points on open wounds, infectious rashes and varicose veins, also there are specific points used during pregnancy and labour which should be avoided!

Self-Use of Acupressure Points

There are some simples ways of making self-acupressure easy and effective and these I’ve listed below:

Be guided by your body, don’t get hung up on the point and exact location, just work with your body until you find that “tada” point or simply just massage the area;

When you find the spot, don’t be heavy handed, less is more sometimes, apply a little pressure or adjust your fingers you’ll soon know what feels right;

The most important thing is to find time, with any self-care it’s about finding time when you won’t be disturbed, that gives you time to focus on your needs only.

Some useful points to try:
I’ve listed a couple of Distal (away from the area of discomfort) points that you can try, these can be used individually and either held or rubbed.

1. Outer Wrist: (TW5)

This point is in the center of the outer arm, between the ulna and radius bones and two inches above the wrist, it helps ease neck and shoulder tension. It will also relieve tension in the forearms and hands from daily work such as typing, using devices and massage!

2. Outer Ankle: (GB39)

You can find this point by measuring a hand above the outer ankle, level with the fibula. This will help relax head and neck tension, as well as the hips, leg, ankle and foot.

3. Hug Yourself: (SP21)

This point can be found where your fingers go whe you give yourself a hug. It may help with whole-body pain. I totally believe a hug solves most things 

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Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Self-Use of Acupressure Points. If you would like more information please Get in Touch.

Until next time
Jeni Wren x

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