Summer Feet

Summer Feet – Well it’s June and finally the flip flops are in full use! I love being able to wear my flip flops (although most of the time I prefer bare feet).

This month my focus is on the feet, grounding and looking after your feet and making the most of your home spa. We then take a look at the Sacral Chakra as the blend we have is also great for travelling, and finally we dive into the beauty of Ylang Ylang but first….. when was the last time you treated your feet??

Many foot related aches and pains are often down to tight calf muscles and therefore I want to touch on the importance of stretching off these muscles. Many clients visit with symptoms of Plantar fasciitis but on closer examination and a couple of special tests it’s generally tight calf muscles that have caused the referred pain, a good loosening of the calf, some appropriate stretches and the support of kinesiology taping has meant several client haven’t needed further intervention, such as a steroid injection.

As you maybe aware reflexology is a treatment that works on the foot reflexes which in turn works on all the body systems – ever put “vic” on the soles of your feet before bed when you’ve had a cold – surprised it worked?

Summer Feet

Well….. there are plenty of ways to look after your feet and they don’t need to be expensive, a simple washing up bowl with warm water will do the trick! It’s also one of the best ways to look after your feet as well as your mind and body.

But how do you look after your feet if no-one has ever told you or taken the time to show you?

The first thing is to take a good look at the state of them  what colour are your nails, do you have hard skin, are your feet warm or cold, do you have any aches and pains?

Start with a nice bowl of warm water, some hand & body wash of your choice and half a cup of Dead Sea salt/Epsom salt, by taking the time to sit and soak your feet will give you time to relax, unwind and ground.

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