Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra, located in neck – central to the collar bone.

The colour for this chakra is turquoise and is symbolised by a Sixteen petal lotus. This chakra is said to be the first of the higher/spiritual chakras. Its Sanskrit name is Visuddha

This chakra as about accepting your originality and speaking your truth with an authentic voice. Unbalanced in this chakra can come about due to doubt and negative thinking, being unable to express your true self.

This chakra assists with creativity. Being open and honest, saying no when needed and is said to be linked to your personal integrity. It is also the communication centre. It allows you to listen to others deeply, but also express who you fully.

Blue energy is considered cooling, calming, orderly and ambitions and it often used to ease inflamed conditions, calm heated emotions, agitating and infection.
Someone with a balance in this chakra will be a good listener, enable others to be heard, maybe centred and content. Will be a good speaker with a perfect sense of timing and be creatively inspired.

Throat chakra Energies:

Excessive energy may display itself as arrogance, self righteous, talk too much, dogmatic, addictive.
Deficient energy may display itself as a person who is timid, scared, holds back, quiet, inconsistent, unreliable, weak, devious, manipulative.

Throat Chakra relates to the Physical Areas of the Throat, thyroid, nerves, eyes, muscles and the sense of hearing

Crystals that support the throat Chakra are Turquoise or Blue and are fabulous to use for charging you water, place them around your drinking glass and leave for 20 minutes. Suggested crystals are Angelite, turquoise, blue lace agate or blue calcite

Aromatherapy for the throat chakra

Essential oils of Thyme, basil, cinnamon, clove and lemongrass are all very anti-septic in their uses and often used in blends for coughs and colds. We do not recommend taking essential oils internally, but they would be excellent when added to a burner blend or a massage oil and applying topically to the throat/neck/shoulder area.
For sore throats and coughs drink a tea made with thyme, lemon and honey. Essential oils are not recommended for taking internally so use the actual plant and fruit for this recipe.

Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

“I am truth” – our chosen affirmation for the Throat Chakra range, but you may also like “I listen to my inner truth or I express myself as creatively as possible.”

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