What is Aromatherapy?

The origins of aromatherapy can be traced back in history, to Persia, Egypt and the Far East.  Distillation of aromatic essences (Essential Oils) were used for Medicines and perfumes. As well as being used during religious ceremonies.  Over the years, knowledge and use of Essential Oils has increased. Usage is traced from Greece, the Roman Empire and finally into Europe.

Aromatherapy is generally associated with Massage and used as a form of relaxation. However Clinical use has increased and Essential Oils are being used to treat a wide range of conditions.

Clinical Aromatherapy

This is a Holistic approach to your healthcare.  It can be used to encourage healing, as a preventative measure, alongside any conventional/clinical treatment that you would normally receive/take; or to complement other treatments/therapies that you may have.

Essential Oils

I only use the highest quality essential oils available. I am lucky to work part-time for an essential oils supplier so know exactly where my oils come from.

The Treatment

Following your full consultation I will select oils based on the condition we are treating, I will also consider the composition of these oils to ensure you have a well balance blend that is right for you.

For example, I may select oils to encourage the immune system to work at it’s optimum level, they may be for relaxation and reduction of stress, they could be for muscular spasms, the list is endless.

Conditions that can be supported with Aromatherapy & Massage include Eczema, Candida, Stress, IBS, Depressions, Muscular tension.

Many people enjoy the treatment to unwind and take some “me time”


This reflexology treatment, uses custom blended essential oils, which are selected following your consultation. We will discuss these with you and may select them for a condition you’d like supporting e.g., Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, IBS, Circulatory issues, Menopause – the list is endless!

You will enjoy a relaxing foot soak, with Dead Sea Salts, whilst we create your blend; we then semi recline you on the couch and cocoon you into a state of relaxation before the treatment begins. We will only apply your blend if you like them (smell is also a large factor to consider).

Once we create your blend and you are happy with it, your therapist will start! We will apply the blend to both feet and a sequence of moves will follow, starting with relaxation and gentle stretching to really allow you to sink into your treatment.

Then follows a variety of moves across the zones of the feet which replicate the organs and areas of the body (see reflexology section for more information). Both feet are worked on, any areas of tension are re-worked. Your treatment will finish with the revisiting of the starting moves; gently stretching and awaking the feet and body.

We create the blend with a little extra for you to take home, enabling to enjoy the memory of your treatment; triggered by the smell.

As with all of our treatments, we sit you up and give a glass of water, together with any aftercare advice.