Why Combine Holistic Treatments

Why Combine Holistic TreatmentsWelcome to April and this weeks blog – Why Combine Holistic Treatments. Things are finally returning to some kind of normal. Shops re-opening and with the upcoming return to the Clinic this month I wanted to focus on Holistic Treatments.

What are Holistic Treatments??? Well the true meaning of the word Holistic is whole. Therefore in a nutshell looking at someone or something in its entirety. Not just nice smells and gently massage!!!!

I work in this way with all my clients regardless of the treatment that they have booked. A full in-depth consultation is carried out, this is done in two stages via an online form and then in person.

We will discuss lifestyle, work, medical history, reason for the appointment. The list is endless and this guarantees that the treatment is correct for that person, at that time. My ethos is that every treatment should be different. Every client requires something different and not always what they think they need, which is the reason my appointments are scheduled by time.

Which brings me to my heading – Why Combine Holistic Treatments?

Why Combine Holistic TreatmentsAs a therapist it is my job to make sure that you (the client) gets exactly what is needed at the time of treatment. This could include a variety of tools from my toolbox! Aromatherapy is always included in any treatment I do. Be it my pre-blended massage oils, a bespoke blend for that treatment or aftercare products if needed at the time.

I will only incorporate treatments that I am qualified in and a discussion about them will already have taken place. I won’t just start sticking needles into you!

What therapies can be combined then? Some that I use regularly are Fire Cupping and Massage, Back Neck & Shoulder with Reflexology. As well as, Indian Head Massage & Foot Soak and my personal favourite Cupping and Acupuncture. This doesn’t mean that I won’t combine other treatments it’s all about what’s needed on the day!

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Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Why Combine Holistic Treatments? If you would like more information please Get in Touch.

Until next time
Jeni Wren x

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